5 Useful Safety Travel Tips to 'at risk countries'

3,341 February 03, 2020

If you really have to travel for business during these times when everyone is scared getting infected by the deadly Corona virus, and want to really be extra careful, as in “paranoid level”, you will find these tips very useful.

Remember, it is not the nationality of the person, not who they are and what they look like that is the main thing,

it is what they have touched and where they’ve been.

You might find some of the tips quite extreme, but this is just me, and only for this trip.

I just arrived last night from Thailand, which was reportedly the second most ‘at risk’ country as far as the number of cases is concerned, for a commitment to speak in a business conference. A day before the trip, last January 30, it was reported that there were already 14 confirmed cases in Thailand, and the so-called ‘overnight experts’ in social media just made the news more frightening. But a commitment is a commitment.


So I just had to make sure that I take extra precautions. So Tip No. 1; Choice of airline seats. If possible, pick the exit row seats (for a little premium). Getting a business class seat may not be too practical. Aside from the bigger leg room, the next seat in front of you is at least 6-8 feet away with the toilet walls in between.

2. Prepare your basic protective kit. Different grades of masks, pocket alcohol, alcohol swabs and wet wipes. Remember that this heavier virus may not really be floating in the air unless you are very close to an infected person who is sneezing or coughing without covering their mouths. Based on what I’ve read, the droplets can also survive in metal surfaces for about 12 hours. You will be touching door handles, carts, elevator buttons, etc. Thoroughly wash your hands whenever possible but keep your pocket alcohol handy all the time. Wipe the handles or spray it with alcohol.

3. If it is a business trip, just this time, just stick with the plan. Stay in the hotel where the event will be held and just stay there then fly back after the event. Do your site tours in your next visit. Actually, during my trip, the situation was not really as bad as it was portrayed in the news and Social media and you can still go around. Just stay away from big crowds, enclosed rooms and avoid touching things. As I have mentioned, I was just being extra careful. There was actually a mall connected my hotel and a big night market on the other side but I just preferred to stay and rest inside my room.

4. If you have to take the hotel’s buffet breakfast or lunch, try to be very early or be the first to get from the buffet and get everything that you need already before everybody touches the same service utensils. Eat and go!

5. Everybody is aware of the situation and the global health scare, so they really do not mind if they see you taking extra precautions. Even the hotel has placed a lot of alcohol dispensers all around the hotel and inside the function room for the participants. You will be shaking a lot of hands, it doesn’t matter what nationality, it is actually for their protection too if you make sure that your hands are always clean. If there are no dispensers around, this is where your pocket spray alcohol comes in handy. If you want to do this discreetly, just have your wet wipes heavily sprayed with alcohol and keep it in your pocket. You can wipe your hand secretly in your pocket after shaking hands. Politicians do this all the time.


We are still blessed that the Philippines is relatively safer than our neighboring countries and a lot of measures now are being taken by the different governments thru screening of arriving passengers regardless of nationalities, and here, even our returning Filipinos. With all this scary information being spread by some netizens, people are even more careful. We can all use some extra precautions in times like this.

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